Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Life Change Consulting works with leaders and their organizations to help build Maximum Impact Management Teams. What are Maximum Impact Management Teams?

Maximum Impact Teams are management teams where the level of trust ensures every member is functioning to their highest capacity. We work with organizations to provide programs that will build new levels of trust and effectiveness in their organization.

Life Change Consulting utilizes three sessions to leverage an experience that will help develop leaders and breed a culture of trust amongst employees.

Session 1: Who Are You?

Using the DISC personality assessment tool team members discover their basic personality style with both it’s strengths and weakness and from this develop a personal profile with action steps to deal with the weak areas.

Session 2: Where Are You Coming From?

Trust comes from knowing each other, but what do we mean by when we say we know each other? In this session we will undertake a number of exercises designed to improve our understanding of each other and therefore increasing the trust level.

Session 3:  Where Are You Going?

In this session we will explore the concepts of mission, vision and values and their role in the planning process. As part of this learning experience we will again play a game designed to improve the communication skills of the team.

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