The Word of God is living and active so why shouldn’t your teaching be too?

Life Change Consulting Seminars will equip you and your church with the right tools to develop better communities and leadership in your church through exciting and interactive approaches.

Are you ready to see lives transformed as your people renew their minds with God’s Word?

If so, join one of my seminars in your area or contact me to host your own seminar

Walk Thru the Bible: has taught more 2 million people life-changing truths in our live Bible seminars. Why don’t you and your church become part of the growing number of Churches to embark on this adventure? Both the Old Testament and the New Testament blend seamlessly with your local church ministry and provide you with additional teaching support. As your instructor I will bring my 22 years of teaching experience to help your congregation understand the Bible in a whole new light.

Vision That Works: A one day workshop that takes leadership through the process of evaluating the mission, vision and values of the organization and then shows how they connect to a planning process that produces results.

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Walk Thru The Old Testament


Walk Thru the Old Testament is without a doubt the world’s most popular seminar event. And it’s not hard to see why. Audience members are taken on an unforgettable adventure back to the beginning of time. From there, the instructor introduces participants to prominent Bible characters and weaves together their various stories onto one clear timeline. As participants learn about the major people, places, and events of the Old Testament, God’s ultimate plan of preparing the world for the coming of Jesus Christ is revealed like never before.

And it is a lot of fun too! Forget tedious note taking. Attendees will learn the material using hand signs, catch phrases, group reviews, and enjoyable interaction with the instructor. Most attendees are usually so moved by the conclusion of Walk Thru the Old Testament, that over eighty percent of them will commit to read their Bibles and pray daily for at least thirty days.



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Today, more and more people do not accept the Old Testament as anything more than interesting Bible stories. Today’s secular theories dispute much of His truths. Walk Thru the Old Testament introduces people to how the Old Testament links together and ultimately leads to the cross – and rekindles a desire to seek God through daily Bible reading.

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Walk Thru The New Testament

While the goal of Walk Thru the Old Testament is to get people into the Word, the ambition of Walk Thru the New Testament is to get Christians into the world. Your heart will be moved as you put the events of the life of Jesus Christ in order. Your soul will be stirred as you walk with Paul on his missionary journeys and place in order the events of the early Church. Learning the success stories of Christians that have gone before you will give you courage to reach your lost world.

Alumni who have attended Walk Thru the Old Testament and those who are attempting their first “walk” will be impressed, entertained, and educated with the same wonderful techniques that made the Old Testament “walk” so memorable. Important concepts are taught by using hand signs, catch phrases and group reviews.

By the end of the day participants will have studied the significance of the 400 silent years dividing the Old and New Testaments, considered each gospel individually and together as the most significant biography ever written, and unlocked powerful and applicable lessons from the lives of beloved Bible characters. Most attendees are usually so moved by the conclusion of Walk Thru the New Testament, that over eighty percent of them will commit to read their Bibles and pray daily for at least thirty days.

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Vision That Works

Mission Statements, Vision Statements; most churches and organizations have them. You will find them written on their bulletins, their letter head, the walls of their offices, and their web sites. But do they really make a difference? Does anyone really pay attention to them or are they just so much window dressing?

If as a leader you have ever found yourself asking these questions then this workshop is for you.

Vision That Works, based on the book by Dave Collins, is a one day workshop designed to help you and your leadership teams simplify your mission, clarify your vision and then use that vision to develop a strategic plan for your organization.

Throughout the course of the day  Dave Collins will take you through a five step process that will clarify the often confusing difference between:

  • Mission and Vision
  • The role Values play in the success of failure of ministry
  • How all of these can be used to drive the development of a Strategic Plan and ultimately individual Ministry Action Plans.

During the course of the workshop you and your team will have an opportunity to get hands on experience using the templates and tools provided in the work book to shape your organization’s Vision and then to use that vision to begin the process of designing a strategic plan.

This is one workshop you and your leadership team cannot afford to miss.