[onethird][image url=”http://lifechangeconsulting.ca/images/dave_collins1.jpg” width=”280″ height=”320″ align=”alignnone” link=”” lightbox=”none” alt=”” title=”” zoom=”0″ preload=”false” /] [/onethird] [twothirds_last]Dave Collins served as the Executive Director of the Tyndale Center for Leadership, Tyndale University College and Seminary from November of 2005 to June 2009. Prior to this he served as Senior Pastor of Carruthers Creek Community Church for over 20 years, Under his leadership the church grew from 40 to over 1200 participants. During those years Dave has come to understand the importance of Vision and Values, and most significantly how to translate those into action.

Dave is also founder and president of Life Change Consulting, a business and church consulting firm working with organizations to maximize their potential and realize their vision.  An excellent communicator Dave has presented in excess of 300 seminars both nationally and internationally.

Along with his communication skills Dave brings with him a wealth of leadership experience, including serving on the boards of several no for profit organizations including the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Tyndale College & Seminary and as Moderator for the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada.

Dave is a leader who understands the dynamics of teams and how to maximize their effectiveness.